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UO Gateway was gone for months, what happened?

Long story short, our server got hacked. We do not believe data was stolen but we do urge you to change your password everywhere if you reused it on other sites, just in case.

The server hosted many other projects and services and not just UOG so we do not know what was actually targeted. Having to rebuild the entire server from scratch on a new distro took lot of work due to many php, apache etc changes that had to be made on the fly for sites and other stuff to work. Then the new server got hacked again before anything even went live... At that point we decided to shutdown most projects while moving important ones as well as DNS, email etc to a shared hosting plan. We contemplated shutting down UOG too as it is too big for a shared hosting plan, but it was hard letting go. Decided to rehost again and hope whoever is doing this moved on. We unfortunately still don't know how they got in. It's a very sophisticated attack beyond SQL injection or simply trying to guess passwords. Some kind of remote code vulnerability is being used on a service. Brand new Debian 11 distro, with basically no sites or services on it yet, hacked... if someone knows of a vulnerability that would allow this please do the right thing and report it to the Debian team so they can fix it.

With all that said, you probably came here for the forum and possibly for support. For now, consider posting in the /r/ultimaonline subreddit and we can answer any issues there. We do plan to build a new forum in the near future.

Your UO Gateway password will need to be reset. We did this as a precaution in case the passwords were in fact stolen. They were hashed, but we are playing it safe. To reset your password, attempt to login with an invalid password, then you will see a button to reset it.

Until I get the new forum going I will post any further news/notices here. You should now be able to reset your password by loging in with an invalid password and then selecting the reset password feature.