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  19 «Inceptum» — The game? No. The Real World.
700 Skillcap, 225 Statcap. SA+HS booster. 2D Classic Client 7.0.18+, 3D Enhanced Client 4.0.18+. Dedicated Server - uptime over 99%. A lot of players from different countries. International and multilingual. Osi style.
Cur: 61
Avg: 70
Max: 287
Cur: 282ms
Avg: 372ms
Up: 98.42%
«Inceptum» — The game? No. The Real World.
  5 Ultima Online World of Dread
In World of Dread you can explore a vast world with great challenges. You will always have something to do. +11 years of experience, our own custom client, dedicated server, low ping.
Cur: 44
Avg: 82
Max: 140
Cur: 11114ms
Avg: 12282ms
Up: 99.82%
Ultima Online World of Dread
  5 UO Excelsior Shard
Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach. Balanced economy and drop rates. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events. Browser interface for chatting, which you can access even at work. Welcome to your new home!
Cur: 140
Avg: 148
Max: 264
Cur: 21ms
Avg: 237ms
Up: 99.6%
UO Excelsior Shard
  1 Dragon World — the world in which live
[5 July: Opening server in Europe Data Center] Creating own client on UE4 (Win, Mac, *nix, iOS, Android). Everyday events. Own ZS server (founded in 2005). Lots of innovations. No skillcap. Professional team. Hi-end server, no lags. Welcome!
Cur: 55
Avg: 163
Max: 658
Cur: 294ms
Avg: 360ms
Up: 99.32%
Dragon World — the world in which live
  1 UO White Wolf
Stygian Abyss and High Seas eras, with Gargoyles, Imbuing, Galleons and more. Custom content like EVO Pets, EVO Weapons, Advanced Taming. Unlimited Skillcap, 300 Statcap. Start now with a Welcome Pack including a Mercenary.
Cur: 18
Avg: 23
Max: 49
Cur: 43ms
Avg: 106ms
Up: 98.72%
UO White Wolf
  1 Vetus Mundus
Online since 2004, instant account creation, OSI-map fully spawned including Stygian Abyss and High Seas, Multi-shard (PvP on Felucca, PvM, designated RP areas), biggest German shard, English speakers welcome, skillcap 800/900, statcap 225/250, PvP castle siege system, more than 200 quest NPCs. Friendly community and experienced, professional staff.
Cur: 9
Avg: 25
Max: 98
Cur: 202ms
Avg: 285ms
Up: 99.83%
Vetus Mundus
  0 7LU UO
5400 Skillcap, 225 Statcap. ML+SA booster. 2D Classic Client 7.0.21+, Dedicated Server - uptime over 99%. 中国最稳定的UO站--第七大陆UO站 UO特色站--全能转职站 技能最高5400 电信地址:LoginServer=DX.7LU.com,2594 网通地址:LoginServer=WT.7LU.com,2594 一个仿官服+特色资料的正规UO站,一个永不清站的UO站。 职业种类:野蛮人(近身无敌),法师(跑动时可施法),弓箭手(远程无敌),巫师(跑动时可施法)
Cur: 301
Avg: 206
Max: 408
Cur: 484ms
Avg: 793ms
Up: 99.11%
A challenging and fun gaming experience with the latest updates including Stygian Abyss and compatibility with the latest clients. We offer a modern shard with no skill cap and combat that is accelerated and rebalanced. Minimal Trammel - Customized and active factions - Several daily PVP tournaments - Texas Hold'em - Full time capture the flag and double domination pickup games - Dedicated and reliable US server.
Cur: 62
Avg: 80
Max: 175
Cur: 28ms
Avg: 57ms
Up: 99.75%
  0 Akara Essex Age of Shadows Shard
Custom Rp & pvp allowed. AOS era Characters are levelable, monsters level and have spirits when they die, Evolution Dragons created by our own Raelis. Weps armour and jewelry all Levels up and is configurable. Runics, custom woods ores leathers and so much more
Cur: 5
Avg: 7
Max: 30
Cur: 103ms
Avg: 172ms
Up: 94.69%
Akara Essex Age of Shadows Shard
  0 Alexandria EUO
***Hosted by EasyUO*** *FULL STYGIAN ABYSS* , 720 skill points after 4 month vet rewards , 150 individual stat cap , 255 stat points after scrolls , 40%lmc cap , 2/6 casting cap , 4/6 chivalry casting cap , 45 hci/dci cap , Chaos/Order combat system , IP:lexia.easyuo.com , PORT 2593
Cur: 13
Avg: 18
Max: 61
Cur: 161ms
Avg: 188ms
Up: 99.66%
Alexandria EUO
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