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UO Phoenix
Logon server: Port 2593
Pre-AOS server with PVP restricted to Buc's Den only. Custom quests and unique items available to those brave enough to enter. Three new custom dungeons and an instanced group dungeon intended for up to 5 players. We also feature a postal service, custom quests, new craftable items, stealables and rares, townhouses and custom painting system! New Magincia is now a settlement and you can build a house there. Lots of other custom content, some obvious, some you will discover along the way. Start with 5000gp. 700 Skill cap and 225 stat cap.

Shard Website: http://www.ultimaonlinephoenix.com/
Votes: 13
Current players: 2
Average players: 6
Maximum players: 24
Current response time: 72ms
Average response time: 92ms
Uptime: 98.27%

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