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Broken Stone
Logon server: brokenstone.ddns.net Port 2593
LOGIN: brokenstone.ddns.net ; 2593 BrokenStone has modern MMORPG mechanics to make everyday gameplay more fun - Pets auto bond when tamed, xfered or unshrunk - Once tamed a pet no longer requires tame/lore to control - Crafted equipment has been given a boost when using runic tools. - Random magic items has also been boosted. Now with skill bonuses that can reach up to +100 in very rare instances. - All item bonuses will be applied to your character regardless of what that natural limits are. - All ranged weapons are ammoless - You can move while casting! - Master Storage/Looter backpacks now add gold to your account gold balance We have more features not listed here and a always coming up with more. BrokenStone will not be one of those static, never changing, freeshards.

Shard Website: http://brokenstone.wixsite.com/brokenstone
Votes: 0
Current players: 1
Average players: 2
Maximum players: 7
Current response time: 68ms
Average response time: 118ms
Uptime: 90.52%

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