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Europa 25
Logon server: europa25.net Port 2593
Age Of Shadows, Publish 25, PVP/PVE Server, 720 Skill Cap, 3 Accounts Per IP, There is no other server like ours that is as accurate to Age Of Shadows mimicing Publish 25 which was the most contested and enjoyable and fun expansion. Boasting the exact Spell Cast Delays and Spell Interupt Delays from the Publish and Combat Style System. European Dedicated Host with all round good connection to other parts of the world. So Join Today, You Wont Be Disappointed.

Shard Website: http://www.europa25.net
Votes: 19
Current players: 31
Average players: 58
Maximum players: 125
Current response time: 208ms
Average response time: 212ms
Uptime: 98.35%

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Philip Brailsford (murderer) Click here to find out more info.