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Circa 2008 - UOGateway.com and the well known UOGateway program and website vanished, as the domain expired. The domain was then picked up by Runuo.com for approximately $3,000 in a domain bid. A year later, in January 2009, it expired again and was then picked up by uovalor.com for $628.

In honor of Mr. Fixit's work and bringing free UO shards together, the project has been reborn as a top site list.

In February 2018: connectuo.com expired, and was also picked up in order to keep it within the UO community. As of now it redirects here. The ConnectUO site and application was a program made by RunUO, similar to the original UO Gateway. We are in no way affiliated with the project and simply obtained the domain. RunUO made the application open source when they released the final update.

How it works
UOGateway is slightly different then typical top site lists. It is more then just a top site, as it has features such as graphing network response time (referred to as ping* for short) and players online. Stats are collected by a custom C++ app that runs on the server and polls each shard every 5 minutes to get a data sample. Data samples are then put together to generate the graphs as well as calculate averages. All collected stats are truncated after 30 days, while graphs display the last 24 hours.

What about the launcher?
We do not maintain or support a launcher. Originally we considered it but decided to keep this a top site list.

How accurate is the data?
The online graphs and ping graphs are fairly accurate but should not be used for scientific purposes. Like any other server, this server's network can become slower or faster at various times, which will skew the data a bit. If you notice a speed spike on all shards at around the same time there is a good chance it was something at our end such as a nightly offsite backup job. Also note that stats like online players can easily be spoofed by shard owners. If you see values that are too good to be true, they may be. There is no way to police this as the data is simply based on values given by the shard's server software.

For any UOGateway or UO related discussion, you may register at the forum.

* ping in this case does not refer to ICMP ping, but rather the time it takes for server to respond via TCP.

We have cancelled our Paypal account but want to thank all those who have donated in the past.
At some point we will set up a different service.

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